Work areas

At Codelsur Proyectos S.L., a company located in Ayamonte (Huelva), we are specifically dedicated to large construction, building, civil works and photovoltaic projects, among others. We take care of the management and maintenance of properties in a comprehensive solution and always maintaining close and constant communication with the client. Next, we present the main areas of work in which we are specialized. From building projects to irrigation or hydraulic infrastructure projects.

obra civil de Codelsur Proyectos S.L.

Throughout these 31 years we have executed numerous communication and maintenance infrastructures for Public Administrations, mainly roads. Important road projects have recently been carried out, among other civil works projects.

regadío de Codelsur Proyectos S.L.

CODELSUR is highly specialized in large-scale constructions such as the start-up of the Chanza Irrigation Zone, an area declared of general interest for the Nation in 1985, and the Infrastructure of the Lower Guadalquivir Valley Irrigation Zone.

infraestructura hidráulica de Codelsur Proyectos S.L.

We are specialists in all types of hydraulic works, facing projects of great technical complexity. We have specialized in the construction of water reservoirs, canals, drinking water pipelines and important wastewater treatment infrastructures.

edificación de Codelsur Proyectos S.L.

CODELSUR's achievements in this area offer an idea of the company's versatility: demolitions, refurbishments of schools, sports halls, residences, offices for public bodies, hospitals, health centers and, above all, housing.

energía fotovoltaica de Codelsur Proyectos S.L.

We are specialists in photovoltaic energy installations. We carry out large solar energy installations. We have a variety of photovoltaic installation services, all of them carried out by a team of expert professionals in the field and with extensive experience in the sector.

We have carried out a wide variety of projects in Extremadura, Huelva and Jaén, contact us