Codelsur Proyectos S.L. is the result of 25 years of successful business. A civil engineering company located in Ayamonte, but focused mainly on the regions of Extremadura and Andalusia, with experience in photovoltaic, building, construction, civil engineering and solar energy facility projects.

Company History

It was founded in 1985 by Santiago Rodríguez Díaz (CEO), who started as a sole trader and evolved it into the company it is today. With two tractors and many projects, the company’s first jobs were on agricultural and aquaculture sites. At this early stage, earthmoving work was the main focus. Over the years, CODELSUR has worked in a wide range of areas in the construction sector: civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, irrigation and building, both for public and private companies. Through CODELSUR FACILIDAD, the company undertakes and provides additional comprehensive services, including PROPERTY MANAGEMENT in Huelva and across Spain. The process has been geared towards sustainable growth and profitability, with the idea of building a long-term relationship of trust with clients.



CODELSUR is managing the implementation of an R&D&I management system in line with the UNE 166002 standard.

The implementation of an R&D&I management system will allow it to organise the corresponding activities and integrate them into the company’s general management.

Our values

People first.

We demand and foster personal safety. We foster development through principles, using it as a mechanism for business development. We work as a team and in an environment of trust.

Commitment and work

We seek the best from ourselves and from others. We strive for excellence and continuous improve. We seek to create long-term relationships with our clients.

Vocation of leadership

We foster and value collaboration, initiative and taking responsibility.

Company policies

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Quality and environment

Codelsur Proyectos S.L., created in 1996, is today the result of a solid and consolidated business trajectory expanding over 25 years, allowing us to offer a high-quality service to our clients. The Quality and Environmental Policy establishes the improvement of our clients' satisfaction as the main element in achieving a stable and collaborative relationship, while minimising the impact that our activity can have on the environment.

Download our Quality and Environment Policy in PDF format
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Occupational health and safety

Codelsur Proyectos S.L., has been implementing the Occupational Safety Management System for several months and, in November, we were awarded, after a rigorous audit, a certificate of the UNE OHSAS 18001 Standard with number SST-0154/2018, by the most prestigious national certifier, AENOR. In this regard, our Company makes a qualitative leap in the services it provides its clients and, above all, in ensuring the safety of its workers in the field of the activity undertaken. Congratulations!

Download OHSAS 18001 Certificate in PDF format
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Environmental management

Codelsur Proyectos S.L., is committed to protecting the environment. In our lines of action, we undertake responsible project planning to prevent and minimise our environmental impact. We believe in sustainable development. This commitment extends to all areas of the organisation. We foster awareness among all our employees. CODELSUR has an environmental management system in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard, certified by AENOR

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Social responsibility

The introduction of social responsibility criteria (economic, environmental, social and governance aspects) is a guarantee for company competitiveness, risk reduction, good governance and improved management. Codelsur Proyectos S.L., assumes these approaches and wants to introduce, within its management system, social responsibility, compatible with the creation of added value and which has repercussions on the improvement of the organisation in the medium and long term.

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